TheArjay Trust


The trust was established in 1964 by Russell Jenkins and is now run by his grandchildren. It is an incorporated charitable trust that is registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission. Over the years the trust has blessed many people.


The current trustees see Whakatā Country Retreat as a place of refreshment, where God's blessing touches the lives of the people who meet there.

The development of the Christian visual arts within New Zealand is part of the Trust's vision. We are blessed to have many beautiful artworks on permanent display in the house and other artist exhibit their work on a short term basis. For more information about the Arjay Trust and its ministry, email Irene Judge-Jenkins at

The Arjay Trust has been operating in New Zealand for over 50 years

and has given away over $1m in grants and subsidies. 

“Russ was driven by his stong Christian faith and believed wealth to be a God given stewardship...”

A humble man and generous benefactor

Russell Jenkins (Russ) was a quiet professional man with a wry sense of humour and a good memory for names and people. 

He started out as a young accountant in the dark days of the depression. Russ worked hard and developed his ethos of becoming “A Capacity Man”. At a young age, he took a chance on becoming the accountant for a small engineering foundry called Mason and Porters (Masport). Through hard work and thrift, he did well in business and by 1964 he was able to use his money to help others. 

Russ was driven by his strong Christian faith and believed wealth to be a God given stewardship. He set up a trust but didn’t know what to call it. It was his lawyer who suggested he should use the first and last initials of his name ‘R‘ & ‘J‘ and so The Arjay Trust (Arjay) was established.

For over 50 years, the Trust made numerous grants to churches and individuals. The grants were for such diverse needs as kidney transplants, through to church chairs. Arjay provided seed money for many now well known New Zealand Christian ministries, before setting up the Arjay House and Lodge, in Torbay, which has become its main ministry focus. Russ died in 1984 but the legacy of his philanthropic life continued on through in his son Brian Jenkins and now into the third generation – his grandchildren.

As the sprawl of Auckland continued, the next generation saw the vision to move to Whakatā Country Retreat in Coatesville. The house now serves the Christian community and those needing a break. The Arjay Trust subsidises all use of the house by charitable groups to make this lovely facility available at an affordable cost.


576 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Albany, Auckland

NZ + 649 414 4304 or 022 466 3866

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